The Biz For January 17-21

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Hello everyone!

This is our first full week of the BizMovie project and we’re off to an exciting start.  Last Thursday, my students signed up for an Edmodo account.  Edmodo is a free private Microblogging platform for the classroom.  All the project assignments will be posted in our Edmodo group.  We also invited parents to join the group.  The students were very excited to have access to a classroom social networking site.

On the first day of class Miriam says, “Well, about to have to leave Mrs. Parks class :( a little bummed. I love this class already!”

Jentry says, “Okay, first time on edmodo…. I think I am figuring it out… :)”

Allison posted, “Getting to know edmodo!!!!!!”

Last week the class also completed a Zommerang survey about how they feel about collaborative work.  You can see the results in the widget on the right-hand sidebar of this blog.  It was great to see a wide variety of results.  This will allow for great team interaction.  Teams were also announced today!  Meet the BizMovie groups (drum-roll-please):

  • Team A: Allison, Garrett, Julio, Dalton
  • Team B: Brianna, Jentry, David, Amy
  • Team C: Lexi, Kerstein, Jared, Miriam, Colton
  • Team D: Haley, Keagan, Hunter, Joseph

Today we also completed our pre-assessment quiz via Quia.  I really didn’t know what to expect on results, but overall I was pleased.  I know the students will learn so much about business and technology during these 9 weeks of the BizMovie project.  The BizMovie project also focuses on the 21st Century Skills listed here:

  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • oral/written communication
  • teamwork/collaboration
  • leadership
  • creativity/innovation
  • professionalism/work ethic
  • ethics/social responsibility

This week the students will participate in a product innovation hands-on game (from the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) with the following learning objectives:

  • Students will learn the difference between personal characteristics and learned skills.
  • Students will use entrepreneurial skills to create a new innovative product.
  • Students will learn to create business ideas with limited resources.
  • Students will receive practice in delivering “30-Second Pitches/Hooks”

Products will be posted later this week!  Stay tuned!  In addition, the students will also post their first blog, and discuss the function of a business, identify the profit equation and the entrepreneurial cycle, and identify the characteristics of a successful company!  Students should review the vocabulary on quia.

This week we will also be discussing the entrepreneurial cycle displayed on the poster below.  We would love to hear your comments about our project!  Perhaps you could share your own business experience with us!  We’d love to hear your story!  (And we also hope to add a few more international visitors!)

Entrepreneurial Cycle

Entrepreneurial Cycle

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